Working with us

We believe that there are great ideas and creativity buried in minds like yours. If you want to build your company, but you're lacking time or resources, let us help you. We see ourselves as co-founders, enabling you to bring your idea to life.

What we offer

Risk free process

Pursue your business idea without leaving your day job

Reliable method
Reliable method

A proven and tested process of building startups

Strong network

Well connected in the startup ecosystem across multiple industries

Team of experts
Team of experts

A dedicated and experienced team of professionals to work with

What you bring to the table

  • Strong Industry Experience

    You're an expert in your domain and bring either IP, deep industry knowledge or a strong network

  • You are a teamplayer

    You have the drive to work with a diverse team and co-found with us

  • Enthusiasm

    You're enthusiastic about your idea and believe in making an impact through entrepreneurship

  • Commitment

    You can commit a 5-20 hours per week to provide input for us to work on

Possible setting

External founder

Are you hesitant to step away from your day job? Let us do the heavy lifting for you! We take your idea from day one to market launch.


  • 5 - 20 hours / week to provide input and feedback
  • We manage everything internally and decide on the best way to move forward, based on your input
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What about taking a break from your everyday career and pursuing your business idea as part of a sabbatical year? Work from our office full-time and together we'll bring your idea to life.


  • Full time
  • You are the product owner and actively involved in all key decisions
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How to start?


Get in touch

Let us know about your business idea by submitting the form below.

We perform initial research on your idea and the target market. It usually takes us 7 - 14 days to get back to you.


Wait for a call

If we like what we see, we set up a quick first introduction call to get to know each other and discuss the next steps.

We go in-depth into discovering the USP and market opportunity.


Sign a term sheet

We set up a term sheet detailing our investment of operational resources and capital, as well as the stakeholder structure for the new venture.

Venture development process

1. Market Research

We conduct a thorough market research to check the potential of your idea and find the perfect way to stand out from the competition.

2. Design Thinking

We use the Design Thinking methodology to understand the needs and problems of our potential customers in order to come out with the best solutions.

3. Business plan

Every great business needs a proper plan. We construct a business plan and find the optimal business model for your idea.

4. Product development

Our team of designers and engineers begins building the initial version of your product.

5. Investors Acquisition

Once we start with the development, we approach potential investors to secure funding.

6. Legal incorporation

We set up the legal entity for your startup and take care of all legal administrative hurdles.

Team hiring

7. Team hiring

Our HR specialists will help you find the ideal team of professionals to establish and scale your company.


8. Launch!

After thorough testing and ensuring everything works perfectly... we are ready to launch!

They worked with us


Push! Founders developed a perfect application that helped my company to work together across multiple continents.

Jeroen DouwesL&E Global

They made my dream business come true and together we built the integrated coaching platform of the future.

Guido Fiolka7Fields

PushCap makes it possible to spread work fairly and identify unused capacity quickly and easily.

Dr. Falko DaubPusch Wahlig Workplace Law



Features Image

7Fields is an AI-enabled coaching and self-development platform for B2B customers. Our team built it together with the experienced coach Guido Fiolka. The platform consists of all the infrastructure and tools needed for online coaching, making it more accessible and efficient than traditional coaching.


PushCap is a workload management application for law firms. With only 5 seconds of input from every lawyer per day, it helps steer work to those with the most capacity.

Features Image
Features Image
L&E App

We built a mobile application for sending and receiving referrals for an international lawyer alliance - L&E Global.